How Does USC Make You a Better Filmmaker?

USC Application Film vs 3rd Year Project

Caden Hollander applied to USC with a focus on his directorial style.

Through his classes, he learned to master the technical parts of filmmaking.

Across The Street: USC Application Film

RT: 5:00

✅ Across The Street is being screened in film classrooms across the United States.

Caden’s USC application film was a musical titled “Across The Street”.

The story is simple: our main character wants to find the person who stole his Halloween Candy. 

Complete with:

  • An original song

  • Stylistic camera movement

  • Comprehensive camera & actor blocking

Growing at USC

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🟨 Broken Bottles is being screened in film classrooms across the United States, but has cursing and romantic scenarios.

Caden, now a senior at USC’s film school, is full utilizing USC’s resources.

His latest film, “Broken Bottles” is completing its run in film festivals.

Caden paired stylistic production design elements with a focus on key themes. In his director’s statement, he said

In telling this story, I was most interested in how these flaws and our perspective backgrounds impact the relationships we have or seek to have, and specifically the pain of toxic masculinity that has been passed down through generations of men, a pain that the character Ethan grapples with in this story.

👋🏼 Editor's Note

I'm glad you could learn a bit more about Caden. I'll have a few more updates and stories for you next week. 

Lots on the horizon. 

-Eric Villa, Co-Founder, Stuudeo

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